Is Your Company Ready For A Data Breach?

What are the numbers. 205 days median number of days threats were present in a victim's network before detection.

Data Breach Costs per Sector

The cost of a data breach can vary significantly by industry, due to differences in the types of data collected and various regulatory and compliance obligations.

A recent study showed that healthcare currently expects the largest cost, at an average of $359 per record.

Note these numbers contemplate both the insurable costs of dealing with a data breach, including notification, credit monitoring, lawsuits, and regulatory fines, as well as less-quantifiable costs such as reputational harm and loss of future revenue.

What Are The Numbers?

  • Compromise detection victims  notified by external entity 69%.
  • 205 days median number of days threats were present in a victim’s network before detection.

More Numbers

  • –$5.85M – Avg. cost per data breach
  • $201 (USD) – Avg. cost per record
  • $8.9M – Avg. annualized cost of U.S. cybercrime
  • 102 – Avg. successful attacks on organizations per week

Causes of Compromise:

  • 44% – malicious/criminal attacks – $246 avg. cost per record
  • 31% – negligence/human factors – $160 avg. cost per record
  • 25%– system glitches – $171 avg. cost per record


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