Expert witness for Insurance Agent & Brokers

Those acting as Insurance Agents and Brakes have certain legal responsibilities to insureds, insurers and regulatory authorities.  Insurance is subject to state regulations, so the definition and standard of care for agents and brokers can change by jurisdiction.  The actual and apparent authority of those acting as agents and brokers can vary by jurisdiction as well as by the actions that agents and brokers take in rendering services it its clients.


Specific areas agents and brokers can find themselves needing an expert witness:

  • Representations of the agent or broker
  • The binding of coverage
  • Failure to procure coverage
  • Receipt and acceptance of premiums
  • Imputing knowledge to the insurer
  • Delivery of the policy to the insured
  • Notice of claim
  • Renewal of the policy
  • Cancellation of the policy


Areas of Expertise

  • Property & Casualty
  • Policy Analysis & Interpretation
  • Agency Management & Practices
  • Insurance Archaeology
  • Insurance Regulations
  • Lloyd’s of London
  • Excess & Surplus Lines
  • Claims Handling
  • Bad Faith
  • Agents & Brokers standard of care