Expert Witnesses

An expert witness is a person who has specialized knowledge through education, experience, skill, or training in areas relevant to resolution of a legal dispute. We provide Expert Testimony and Litigation Support. Objective review of Insurance and Risk Management Program. Expert Testimony.

Legal Malpractice

Legal Malpractice has become so complicated, you need an expert to help figure it out. Find the right law or legal malpractice expert witness for your litigation.

Litigation Support

As property/casualty insurance and financial litigation continues to grow in complexity, it is essential that you have independent, credible and expert witnesses who can explain actuarial matters clearly and effectively.

Property & Casualty Insurance

We serve as experts for different lines of insurance within property casualty.

As a licensed lawyer, and surplus lines insurance broker with 25 years experience working for insureds, an insurance company and for several different insurance brokerage's we can provide our cleint's with unique solutions for our clients.

Is your insurance contract difficult to understand?

Are the terms and conditions unclear?

Insurance can be confusing. Insurance policies are legal contracts, using legal language. They’re drafted by one party (the underwriter) and interpreted by another party (the claims department) for the benefit of another party (the insured).

There are many different types of insurance: life, disability, health, workers compensation, marine, property, and casualty insurance.


Property and casualty insurance can be:

  • Personal Lines (personal liability) like home, auto, and rental insurance
  • Commercial Lines (commercial liability) insurance for businesses, professionals, and non-profits.


We assist companies with:

  • Management Liability (aka Directors and Officers Liability or Executive Liability)
  • Employment Liability
  • Cyber Liability and Security
  • Professional Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Fidelity Liability
  • Medical Billing Errors & Omissions

We provide Expert Witnesses services to many of the nation’s top law firms, government entities, insurance companies, insurance agencies and many other industries. We offer free no-obligation 1 hour initial phone consultations to discuss what we can do for you. Call 425-788-4349.