B C E Consulting, LLC

B C E Consulting is a premier boutique consulting firm with a uniquely experienced team of experts who bring knowledge and actual experience as a valued business partner to our clients

Our professional and experienced consultants specialize in assisting insurance companies, insurance agencies and brokers, financial institutions with insurance entities, bank associations, insurance associations, agent groups, public entities, and other businesses looking for assistance with insurance program reviews and risk management solutions. We pride ourselves on personalized and customized service geared towards each clients requirements.

Drawing on a broad background of industry knowledge and experience, B C E Consulting can help your business make decisions leading to a successful and profitable future with assistance in:

  • Strategic, business, succession, and contingency planning
  • Business growth and producer development
  • Writing effective ‘Requests for Proposals’ and conducting Broker selection
  • Education, training and professional development
  • Operational efficiency and process improvement