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Data Breach Causes

Where are the threats? Inside threats –Employee negligence Security failures Lost mobile devices –Employee ignorance Improper disposal of personal information (dumpsters) Lack of education and awareness –Malicious employees Outside threats –Hackers Malware Phishing and Spear Phishing –Thieves (including Social Engineering Tools) –Vendors

The Cyber Underground

Money Transfer - Exchange Laundering Escrow Payment Processors Cyber criminals attempt to maintain their anonymity through electronic payment systems and virtual currencies.  They primarily use approved exchangers or money laundering services to receive/retrieve money within these accounts.   Communication Secure, reliable communication is vital for criminals to do business.  Jabber is...

Is Your Company Ready For A Data Breach?

Data Breach Costs per Sector The cost of a data breach can vary significantly by industry, due to differences in the types of data collected and various regulatory and compliance obligations. A recent study showed that healthcare currently expects the largest cost, at an average of $359 per record. Note...

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